“How are you, today?”

“Thank you for working with the kids!”

“Any comments, any questions?”

“I was told the OFFSIDE expert is sitting over here…”

“I was told the HANDBALL expert is sitting over here…”

“Each of us has a job here today.  Coaches coach, parents cheer, players play, and referees officiate the match.  Are you doing YOUR job?”

As an AYSO referee with 28 years under my belt, my communications with coaches, parents, players, and fellow officials have evolved…for the better.  For a referee who was formerly referred to as “The Flamethrower,” my communicative style had simply been, “my way or the highway.”  However, as I have worked my way up the ladder for referees, instructors, and assessors, I have been very fortunate to have watched and been mentored by several of AYSO’s elite referees.  The direct result of my exposure to these outstanding AYSO volunteers is the realization that ALL soccer officials are presented with opportunities at every match to make a positive difference in the life of a coach, a parent, a player, or a fellow referee.  Will all of you join me in being a difference maker?

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